Your ticket
to Cronos

Your ticket to Cronos

Earn allocation tickets for future projects on Cronos through Titan Maker’s exclusive ticket program.

Gold, Diamond & Platinum

Titan Maker’s exclusive ticket program offers three tickets that each represent a one time allocation in its respective tier in a project of choice. 

How to earn a ticket?

All tickets are emitted through a lottery system and can be obtained in two ways.

Learn & Earn

Study Titan Maker’s features and take the quiz in order to earn tickets.

Educate & Earn

Educate and activate your fellow community members and earn tickets

Why tickets?

Community is the core pillar on which Titan Maker has been built. Our ticket system will give members of our community a tangible reward for actively engaging in activities that benefit themselves or other members. We love innovating with our users and for that reason we are excited to launch our first campaign that will reward our most active supporters.

What is Titan Maker?

Titan Maker is a data-driven launchpad on Cronos that has been in development for the past months. Our initiative includes amazing features such as a refund-policy, loss-streak prevention mechanism and proprietary merit scores.